To make sure the resources here on are used properly, we’ve drafted this license notice.

There are two types of resource license: Freebies and Paid resources.

License for Freebies

We strive to give our visitors one-stop place for free resources, so we will collect publicly available freebies from the community and publish our own freebies.

1. License for freebies from the community.

All resources not from are trademarks of and are copyrighted by their respective owners.

During our collection of the freebies designed and crafted by the amazing designers from the community, we will try our best to find the license information for you and list them on the freebie page.

But for some freebies, for some unknown reason, the designers forgot to enclose the license info, the user (you) should take further steps to get explicit license instructions if you intend to use them for commercial purpose. We will NOT be responsible for any misuse of such kind.

2. License for freebies from

All freebies made available by are free for both personal and commercial use, under following conditions:

You can modify the freebies to your liking to fit your specific project needs, we are however not legally liable for any misuse of our resources.

We do not require any form of attribution, we do however appreciate it if you credit our resources and/or spread the word about us so more people can benefit from the community.

You cannot however redistribute, resell, lease, license, sub-license, or offer our freebies to any third party, including but not limited to uploading our resources to any other websites, marketplaces, media-sharing tools, or offering our freebies as a separate attachment from any of your work. If you do plan to include one of our resources in an item or template that will be sold on a website or marketplace, we ask you to contact us in advance before you do so to determine the proper use of the resources.

You do not have the rights to redistribute, resell, sub-license, license the files (even for free) on their own or as separate attachments from any of your work. If you wish to promote our resources on your site, you must link back to the resource page where users can find the download, but not directly to the download link/file.

Any redistribution, reselling, licensing, sub-licensing (even for free) of our resources are severe violation of our terms and illegal actions, which are against the law.

The fonts may not be used in a pornographic, defamatory, or deceptive context, or in a libelous, obscene, or any other illegal way.

License for Paid Resources

We currently do not sell any digital assets on, please refer to License for Freebies for more information.


This license notice is subject to change without prior notice to visitors. Visitors are advised to visit this page for latest license changes.

Last updated on: Jul. 13, 2023